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What is a "Pre-Bid Review"?

  • A pre-bid review is an examination and review of a specific and proposed bid to a government agency to provide reasonable assurance that the information attested to and disclosed in various bid documents is complete, accurate and valid. 

Why a Pre-Bid Review?

  • By having a pre-bid review conducted by a professional Forensic Accountant and Certified Fraud Examiner (CFE), who is well versed in the arena of government bidding and the high level skill in a particular area such as Procurement Fraud detection, it provides a government contractors with a means of protection or defense to a low bidder and thus, substantially reducing the risk that its bid may be challenged by other bidders which may ultimately lead to the low biddders' bid being rejected by  a governing body due to a bid defect(s),some form of impropriety or other unlawful conduct. 

  • Given the various laws, regulations and other requirements which government contractors are subject as part of the governmenting bidding process, due diligence is so vital and may result in a low bidder having its bid ultimately rejected by a governing body and awarded to the next lowest responsible and responsive bidder as defined under the law.

The benefits of a Pre-Bid Review?

  • Conduct a thorough examination and review of information as to its veracity to be disclosed and submitted in a specific public bid
  • Reduce the risk of a low bidder of any inadvertent errors or omissions, misrepresentations and other inconsistencies and discrepanices disclosed in a public bid which may result in a bid being rejected by a governing body
  • Avoid professional fees (i.e. attorney fees) in defending against another government contractor contesting or challenging a bid
  • Preserve your low bid status
  • Present a positive and professional image to a government agency that your a government contractor adhering to the bid requirements and all other requirements which will greatly enhance and position a government contractor in being awarded a public bid project  
  • Position a government contractor to possibly obtain a "change order" upon being formally awarded a public project and thus, signficiantly increase it profits.
  • Increase in bond capacity by obtaining and completing a government project and use the completed public bid project as a future business reference and adding further work to a contractor's portfolio.

NOTE: An Initial Compliance Evaluation is required by a contractor prior to our firm conducting a Pre-Bid Review.