A Financial Investigation Company


"Discovery is our Business"

FINFORENSIC, INC. is a financial forensic investigation firm offering a broad range of services that utilizes expertise in forensic/fraud examination and investigation to analyze and detect unlawful financial related activity for our clients. 

Insurance Fraud Detection

We are specialist in uncovering insurance fraud.  We offer fraud detection services in the areas of disability insurance (ERISA and private claims), Social Security disability, worker's compensation, unemployment insurance and other types of insurance claims for both individuals and businesses.

Consulting Services

We provide consulting services for financial institutions investment advisors and other financial firms forthe purpose of obtaining, uncovering and collecting  evidence for forensic purposes.

Procurement Fraud Detection (for Government Contractors)

We serve government contractors in connection with public bids by detecting errors, omissions, misrepresentations, irregularities and fraud by examining, specifically, the content of information disclosed by public contractors in bid documents with respect to public bid projects issued by federal, state and local government agencies. As part of the forensic bid examination , the content of information documented and disclosed in bid documents is also cross referenced and verified with various public records as part of our extensive due diligence. Our investigation may also reveal public corruption. We level the playing field for our clients.

Civil and Criminal Tax Fraud & Tax Evasion

Our founder James Demiris has extensive experience in tax related matters and is highly knowledgeable, technical and skillful in manners involving the Internal Revenue Service and other state tax authorities relating to civil, criminal or administrative actions.

Whistleblower Complaints

We assist in conducting investigations for purposes of filing whistleblower complaints with the United States Securities & Exchange Commission (SEC) for violations of U.S. Securities laws, violations under the Federal False Claims Act (also known as the Lincoln Law or "Qui Tam action"), violations of New York False Claim Act and the New Jersey False Claim Act as well as violations of tax laws with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS).

Occupational Fraud

Our team conducts thorough fraud examinations to uncover fraudulent activity such as skimming or manipulation of receipts, check diversion, false credits, ghost employees, unauthorized pay rates, overtime, commission or bonus payments, false vendor/invoice inventory receipt and or shipping documents, check tampering, false expense reimbursement and other questionable activity.

​​Business Investigations

Our team conducts business investigation and research services specializing in financial forensic investigations and evaluations for private and public companies. ​​

Pre-Bid Review for Government Contractors

Our team conducts pre-bid reviews to eliminate inadvertent errors, omissions misrepresentations and other inconsistencies and discrepancies submitted by a government contractor in a public bid as protection against a bid protest or challenge whether by another contractor or a governmental agency should our client be the low bidder.

Litigation Support Services & Expert Witness

Our team provides litigation support services in complex cases requiring expertise in multiple disciplines including but not limited to banking and insurance fraud, mortgage fraud, bankruptcy fraud, occupational fraud, money laundering, tax evasion, violations of U.S. Securities Laws and other similar financial related fraud. We are highly technical and adept at uncovering compelling evidence, assembling the pieces of the puzzle and articulating the findings,  and opinion in a clear, concise and persuasive manner to a trier of fact whether in a court of law, an arbitration/mediation setting or administrative hearing.

Home Improvement Contractor Violations

We investigate and uncover fraudulent acts by unscrupulous and unregistered New Jersey Home Improvement Contractors in violation of the Contractors Registration Act, Home Improvement Practices, Home Improvement Regulations and the New Jersey Consumer Fraud Act.

Fraud Examination and Investigation

Our team combines forensic analysis skills and specialized fraud expertise with the ability to connect the dots, pay close attention to detail and the tenacity to follow the evidence wherever it may lead with a big picture vision and an eye toward litigation in uncovering and documenting admissible evidence indicating unlawful conduct. Hence, "Discovery is our Business". 

Divorce Proceedings

Divorce is about dividing marital assets and debts. Our experienced team will determine a spouse’s true income and which assets known or unknown are marital or separate property or both and their values in each category.  Income determinations and classification issues require expertise. 

As professional forensic examiners/investigators, we examine personal and business financial records with an eye not only for what they show, but for what is being withheld. We can “smell problems”.